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SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2

SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2

    • SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2
    • SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2
    • SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2
    • SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2
  • SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: RAWSGEAR
    Certification: COA.HPLC.ISO9001
    Model Number: 1379686-30-2

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
    Price: 10USD
    Packaging Details: Foil bag and Disguised bag
    Delivery Time: 3-5 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin
    Supply Ability: 1000kg/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Molecular Formular: C20H24ClN3O4S Molecular Weight: 437.94
    Purity: 99% Whatsapp: +8615711952876
    Email: Storage: Room Temperature


    SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2



    Product name SR9009
    CAS No. 1379686-30-2
    MF C20H24ClN3O4S
    MW 437.94
    EINECS 1592732-453-0
    Purity 99%


    SR9009 is a research drug that was developed by Professor Thomas Burris of the Scripps Research Institute as an agonist ofRev-ErbA (i.e., increases the constitutive repression of genes regulated by Rev-ErbA)with a half-maximum inhibitory concentration (IC50) = 670 nM for Rev-ErbAα and IC50 = 800 nM for Rev-ErbAβ. Activation of Rev-erb-α by in mice SR9009 increases exercise capacity in mice by increasing

    mitochondria in skeletal muscle.





    SR9009 binds to a protein called Rev-erbA. This is important because it affects the burning of fat and sugar in the liver, the production of fat cells and the inflammatory response of the body. Therefore, this interaction between SR9009 and Rev-erbA allows you to make your current sports group more effective. In fact, even sitting on your ass all day will not hinder your goal. All in all, the ultimate goal is to extract energy from what you eat, rather than storing it as fat. SR is great. In addition, it can burn existing fats.


    SR9009 does not act like a fat burner, thyroid accelerator, or appetite suppressant (such as clenbuterol, T3, or certain stimulants). Therefore, you won’t experience a crash or feel tired on it. However, due to the fact that Stenabolic is so new and hasn’t been used very much by human athletes, we are still waiting for more information on what kind of undesired effects it can possibly have. Consequently, over the next year or two we will start seeing more logs and trials of this drug,



    SR9009 has been developed by Scripps Research Institute SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand, which is taken orally. This is a very unique compound. By stimulating the Rev-Erb protein, SR9009 has the ability to greatly influence a lot of regulatory mechanisms in the human body.

    For instance, it can affect the circadian rhythms, lipid and glucose metabolism, fat-storing cells, as well as macrophages. Hence, Stenabolic will allow the user to lose fat and drastically increase endurance, both of which are very desirable effects for an athlete.


    SR9009 Function:
    A new compound called SR9009 increases metabolism, fat burning, and muscle growth in the lab. Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have successfully tested a drug, called SR9009,in mice that kickstarts metabolism and results in increased muscle development. Essentially, it's an exercise regime in a pill.
    SR9009 alters the metabolic profile of skeletal muscle in a manner similar to the changes observed animals [that] are endurance trained. Basically, the drug sends a signal to the muscle to tell it to modify its metabolism.
    Half of the mice studied showed improved running endurance in terms of both time and distance.
    What was clearly interesting was that a small, drug-like molecule could increase metabolic rate in skeletal muscle and increase exercise endurance


    How it works?
    SR9009 treatment was shown to increase endurance and reverse mitochondrial damage in studies.

    SR9009 has great promise in increased exercise capacity and endurance. This compound acts as an agonist of Rev-erbα. SR9009 binds to one of the body's natural molecules called Rev-erbα, which influences lipid and glucose metabolism in the liver, the production of fat-storing cells and the response of macrophages (cells that remove dying or dead cells) during inflammation.

    Current studies show activation of Rev-erbα with SR9009 led to increased metabolic activity in skeletal muscle in culture,had a 50 percent increase in running capacity, measured by both time and distance.

    SR9009 is an easy to dose oral compound that boosts metabolic activity in current studies.

    SR9009 latches onto Rev-erbα -- which plays a role in regulating the body's circadian rhythm and metabolism -- resulting in a pronounced metabolic boost in test subjects.

    Dosages and Suggestion:
    Dosages of 20-100mg a day have been reported by users without any negative side effects. From the information we have received, results from SR9009 treatment appear to be dose dependent up to a maximum dosage of 100mg per day. After this dosage, results tend to taper off.

    Order Guide:
    Q1: Have your Product Quality been Approved by Third Party Lab
    A: Yes, All products are strictly tested by our QC, confirmed by QA and approved by third party lab in China, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, France etc. So you will be assured with Good Quality if you choose us.
    Q2: How do you treat quality complaint
    A: First of all, our QC department will do strict examination of our export products by HPLC, UV, GC ,
    TLC and so on in order to reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a real quality problem ,caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.
    Q3: Is there any discount
    A: Yes, for larger quantity, we always support with better price.
    Q4: How long does it take to the goods arrived
    A: It is Depending on your location,
    For small order, please expect 5-7 days by DHL,UPS,TNT, FEDEX, EMS.
    For mass order, please allow 5-8 days by Air, 20-35 days by Sea.
    Q5: Do you have any reshipment policy
    we have good after-sale service and re-shipment policy if the parcel lose
    Our long association with our clients has brought great benefits
    We always take the upmost care in the packaging of our products
    our clients will confirm this as even they struggle to find them without help at times.
    But in spite of our best efforts it is still possible will seize a small number of packages.
    In this circumstance we promise reship free to establish long term relationship
    Q6 : Can I get a sample
    A: Of course. For most products we can provide you a free sample, while the shipping cost should
    undertake by your side.
    we are a leading manufacturer of steroid raw materials ,.and Peptides
    many distributors and labs , bodybuilders from worldwide cooperate with us ,
    all speak highly of our safe shipping and goods .
    If you require further information please donot hesitate to contact us!



    SR9009 Raw Powder Picture:


    SR9009 Sarms Powder Wholesale For Increase Exercise Endurance and Loss Weight 1379686-30-2




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