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Healthy Stanozolol Steroid Winstrol Oral Anabolic Water Based Help Muscle Building Safe Shipment

Healthy Stanozolol Steroid Winstrol Oral Anabolic Water Based Help Muscle Building Safe Shipment

    • Healthy Stanozolol Steroid Winstrol Oral Anabolic Water Based Help Muscle Building Safe Shipment
    • Healthy Stanozolol Steroid Winstrol Oral Anabolic Water Based Help Muscle Building Safe Shipment
  • Healthy Stanozolol Steroid Winstrol Oral Anabolic Water Based Help Muscle Building Safe Shipment

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: RAWSGEAR
    Certification: HPLC
    Model Number: 10418-03-8

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    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Foil bag
    Delivery Time: 3-5 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoins
    Supply Ability: Mass in stock
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Stanozolol MF: C21H32N2O
    MW: 328.49 Purity: 99% Min


    Healthy Stanozolol Steroid Winstrol Oral Anabolic Powder Water Based Liquid Help Muscle Building



    Quick details:

    Name: Stanozolol, Winstrol
    CAS: 10418-03-8
    MF: C21H32N2O
    MW: 328.49
    EINECS: 233-894-8
    Shipping methods: By HKEMS, DHL, TNT, UPS,,,,ETC
    Payment methods: Bitcoin, bank wire, western union, money gram





    Stanozolol is a man-made steroid, similar to the a naturally occurring steroid testosterone. Stanozolol is used in the treatment of hereditary angioedema, which causes episodes of swelling of the face, extremities, genitals, bowel wall, and throat. Stanozolol may decrease the frequency and severity of these attacks.





    Stanozolol / Oral Winstro,Winstrol is a steroid compound that is available as both an oral and injectable. It is most often used as cutting agent because it doesn't produce huge weight gains and it also reverses some of the bloated look of testosterone and replaces it with a dry look.

    Stanozolol / Oral Winstro,The Stanozolol hormone is not well-suited for building mass; highly anabolic and very slightly androgenic this is a steroid far more apt for strength and cutting. Due to its ability to dramatically lower SHBG it could be used in a bulking cycle as a means to make other hormones more efficient, increase free testosterone and even solidify gains to a stronger degree but most will find other steroids to be far more beneficial in the long run; this truly is one of the few steroids we may aptly label a cutting steroid.

    Stanozolol / Oral Winstro,For those who choose, Winstrol doses of 50mg per day might add a little to a bulking cycle at the tail-end providing benefits as discussed but generally speaking it is not our best option.





    Description : White Crystalline Powder
    Identification : IR,UL Positive
    Assay : 98.0~100.5% 99.70%
    Loss On Drying : 1.0%max(5mm Hg, 100°C) 0.20%
    Specific Rotation : +34°~+40°(C=1, Chloroform) +36.5°
    Chromatographic purity : Total Impurities: 2.0%max <2.0%
    Organic volatile impurities : meets the requirements. Comforms
    Residual solvents : Ethanol: 5000PPm max 310PPm

    The specification conform with USP30 standard



    Can you drink winstrol?


    As an 17aa (17 alpha-alkylated) steroid, stanozolol is designed not to be destroyed when it first enters the liver, allowed the hormone to enter your bloodstream. If your steroid is not 17 alpha-alkylated or methylated, it will not be able to endure the first pass and will be destroyed by the liver. That’s why injectable steroids, like deca durabolin, cannot be drank and have to be injected via intermuscular injections. Interesting fact about winstrol, it’s usually produced both in oral and injectable forms, but both forms use the same raw materials. Therefore, the injectable version can be taken oral. Hence, you always see the question:
    Can I drink winstrol? The answer is that: Yes, you can drink winstrol.


    How do I use winstrol? And what is the best dosage for stanozolol?


    Basically, you can either take your winstrol orally or you can inject it, that’s up to you. Though, injections are usually water based and hurt like hell. I don’t see why anyone would want to inject something you can just swallow.

    In terms of dosages, for men the optimal dose is 40-100mgs per day, and for women it’s around 5-15mgs per day. The higher end of the dosages for women is around 20mgs per day but it’s only recommended for female bodybuilders and fitness competitors. Also, the dose is the same whether you take it orally or inject it, so don’t worry about doing either.


    Healthy Stanozolol Steroid Winstrol Oral Anabolic Water Based Help Muscle Building Safe Shipment


    Cooking recipe of winstrol (stanozolol)


    e: 40ml of oil based winstrol 25 mg/ml

    1 gram of stanozolol
    1 beaker suitable for holding the volume of liquids
    7.8 ml of peg 300
    31.2 ml of 190 proof grain alcohol


    e: 100ml of water based winstrol 50mg/ml

    winstrol micronized powder 5 grams
    b.b. = 24 ml (24%)
    b.a. = 3 ml (3%)
    polysorbate 80 = 3 ml (3%)
    distilled water (only) 62.5 ml



    winstrol (stanozolol) cycle or dose reviews:


    effective dose (men): (oral) 25-50mgs/day, (injectable) 50mg every other day to daily
    effective dose (women): (oral) 5-10mgs/day, (injectable) 20mg every 4 days
    active life: (oral) 8 hours, (injectable) slightly less than 24 hours
    detection time: (oral) 3 weeks, (injectable) 9 weeks



    A synthetic anabolic steroid
    Reliable and quick & effective results
    Top quality and long shelf life
    Timely delivered to clients' end
    Pure and white Crystalline Powder
    Used in humans for anemia & angioedema
    Accurate composition, safe and secure transit
    Tested on various quality parameters by skilled and trained quality analyzers
    Help in reducing frequency and severity of swelling of face, bowel wall and genitals
    Packed in special packaging materials



    Side Effects:

    Abdominal pain
    Light colored stools
    Dark colored urine
    Unusual fatigue
    Nausea or vomiting
    Yellowing of the skin or eyes
    Difficulty in sleeping
    Liver toxicity
    increased cholesterol
    Cardiac hypertrophy (enlarged heart)



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