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Tren Steroid Cheque drops Powder Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid For Bodybuilder CAS 3704-09-4

Tren Steroid Cheque drops Powder Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid For Bodybuilder CAS 3704-09-4

    • Tren Steroid Cheque drops Powder Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid For Bodybuilder CAS 3704-09-4
    • Tren Steroid Cheque drops Powder Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid For Bodybuilder CAS 3704-09-4
    • Tren Steroid Cheque drops Powder Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid For Bodybuilder CAS 3704-09-4
  • Tren Steroid Cheque drops Powder Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid For Bodybuilder CAS 3704-09-4

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: RAWSGEAR
    Certification: COA.HPLC.ISO9001
    Model Number: 3704-09-4

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    MF: C20H30O2 MW: 302.45
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    Anabolic Steroid Mibolerone Powder Cheque drops for budybuilding


    Product name Mibolerone
    CAS No. 3704-09-4
    MF C20H30O2
    MW 302.45
    EINECS 223-046-5
    Melting point 168-171°C
    Boiling point 383.47°C (rough estimate)
    storage temp Controlled Substance, -20?C Freezer

    Check Drop is the trade name of the synthetic metabolic steroid miboleronecas. Originally used to suppress bitch exhaust, Miboleronecas is one of the most demanding steroids present. It is about 5.9 times the anabolic and 2.5 times the testosterone androgen. Check the drop on the athlete to provide a brief adrenaline attack that is used before the sporting event. Due to its hyperandrogenic nature, it is usually the cause of progesterone-related men's breast development.

    Mibolerone is a veterinarian grade anabolic steroid that was released in the 1960’s by Upjohn under the brand name Cheque Drops and later as Cheque Medicated Dog Food. As with many steroid hormones, and this includes veterinarian grade, it wasn’t long after its inception that athletes and bodybuilders found a use.

    Cheque Drops is one of the most potent anabolic steroids ever made.. You’ll most commonly find its use limited to pre-fight or powerlifting competitions. Some bodybuilders will use it pre-contest to aid in the final weeks or in the off-season for an extra push, but it’s not a very common bodybuilding steroid. We’ll understand this steroid’s lack of appeal to many bodybuilders as we continue.




    1. Use in Animal:

    Cheque drops (chemical name: mibolerone) were originally developed by Upjohn for the veterinarian market. This is arguably the most liver-toxic steroid on the planet, so only 2 weeks on this AAS at a dose of 5mgs per day is enough for a user to experience very bad side-effects. In veterinarian applications, cheque drops are fed to female dogs during heat to stop ovulation, so the bitch can be kept under control.

    2. Use in Bodybuiolding:

    Cheque Drops earned the reputation in the bodybuilding community as one of the strongest steroids ever made. Users often reported a rapid increase in strength and muscle mass and also increased aggression in the gym. The aggression caused by Cheque Drops often led the idea that it was used by some fighters and powerlifters before competing in their respective sports. Mibolerone also displays strong estrogenic characteristics and will raise the levels of estrogen in the body dramatically during use. Because of this, estrogen related side effects such as water retention, excess body fat, and gynecomastia are always a concern when using this product. Because of this, users of this product will often want to include an anti-estrogen such as arimidex or aromasin during use of this drug. It is also important to note that mibolerone displays strong progestin activity in the body. High progesterone levels can cause side effects similar to those seen from elevated estrogen levels. To help combat this, users might also consider running an agent such as cabaser or bromocripten during administration of Cheque Drops.

    3. Antigonadotropic activity:

    Mibolerone has androgenic, anabolic and antigonadotropic activity. Cheque Drops was found to have an affinity greater than Methyl Trenbolone (Methyltrienolone) for the androgen receptor in human prostate tissue. Cheque Drops was found to bind with high affinity to the progesterone receptor as well. On the other hand, mibolerone has a very low affinity for human sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Cheque Drops block luteinizing hormone (LH), and will greatly suppress your natural testosterone production and sperm production, and cause testicular atrophy as well. While Cheque Drops are highly progestogenic, at the doses being discussed there shouldn’t be any significant progestogenic (nor estrogenic) activity.

    Cheque Drops do not aromatize (convert to estrogen), so there should be no need for use of an AI such as Aromasin (exemestane) or Forma Stanzol, or a SERM like Nolvadex (tamoxifen) or Clomid (clomiphene), as long as the drug is used only as a preworkout aid.


    1.Do not use in Bedlington Terriers or other breeds predisposed to kidney or liver disease.

    2.Do not use in patients with liver or kidney disease.

    3.Do not use in patients with androgen-dependent cancers such as perianal adenocarcinomas (malignant

    tumors that occur near the anus).

    4.Do not use before the first estrus cycle, in pregnant or nursing dogs, or for more than 24 months.

    5.Do not use in cats, as it has a very narrow therapeutic range.



    Effects of Mibolerone:

    The purpose of human Cheque Drops use is to increase aggression. This is the only reason of significance any steroid user will use this anabolic steroid. It’s very common to say all anabolic steroids increase aggression, but this isn’t true when we look at the data. Most users of anabolic steroids will not experience any relative increases in aggression with steroid use, and hard data backs this up. But with Cheque Drops the increases in aggression are very realistic, and it’s what the individual does with the aggression that makes it good or bad. Aggression in of itself isn’t a bad thing; in fact, aggression can be a very positive attribute, but only in sane and level headed individuals. If the individual is already problematic in his behavior the use of Cheque Drops is only going to amplify it.

    The most common point of use for this steroid is before a fight or power lifting competition. It’s not uncommon for these athletes to take the steroid a couple weeks leading up to the competition including the day of competition to help them fight or perform more aggressively. Bodybuilders at the end of a contest diet also sometimes use it in order to help them push through the final weeks of prep.

    Bodybuilding prep can be hell and the last weeks see many fall due to the extreme low levels of fat they carry and brutal training. Cheque Drops will provide the boost some need to finish. However, there is a risk of water retention due to aromatization, but it’s controllable and should not be significant if all other parts of the prep plan are in order.

    When it comes to the effects of Cheque Drops aggression truly is all there is. Technically it could be used as a steroid to spur anabolism, and it could do it very well. But because it would take a few milligrams per day for a minimum of a few weeks, such a dose and use would cause the individual problems that would ruin his body and perhaps his health.

    Using, Dosing and Side Effect :


    Cheque drops (Mibolerone) are a liquid preparation of the steroid mibolerone, which are used by bodybuilders, power lifters, strength athletes and fighters, all for the purpose of increasing aggression and performance on the day of competition. Cheque drops are effective when used just 30 minutes before competition. The user will experience increased aggression, focus and competitive drive.

    Most athletes use about 5mgs about 30min prior to training or competition. It is not really “stacked” with anything except cardarine.

    No considerable gains in muscle mass can be achieved on Mibolerone due to the fact it can only be used in short 2 week spans, in small 5mg doses. Any more time on it, or a heavier dose, and health concerns are imminent.

    Half-life of mibolerone is rather short at around 4hrs, so athletes who want to harness the full power of this product use it about 20 to 30 minutes before they will need the boost.

    Being one of the most androgenic compounds, mibolerone is also one of the most toxic. The most common side effect is progesterone related gynecomastia because it is a 19 nor-androgen. It can also severely affect liver function because it is a 17AA compound. If used in low doses (less than 2 weeks), there are very few, if any anabolic effects. When used short term, natural testosterone will return to normal levels very quickly. However, if use surpasses 2 weeks there is an extremely high risk for liver damage and natural testosterone suppression because it is an LH blocker.

    Tren Steroid Cheque drops Powder Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid For Bodybuilder CAS 3704-09-4

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